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The purpose of a museum in the traditional sense is to preserve cultural assets of the past. It is undoubtedly true, but the main task of a modern museum is the creation of communicative space for those, who appreciate historical and cultural heritage, the museum is a mediator between the past and future that conveys to young people the spirit of time and history.

Looking at the exposition you can discover many interesting things, find the answers to the troublesome questions, change your view of the previously known facts. Visiting the museum – it’s a lesson of generation succession as the exhibits conceal amazing stories revealing to us the life experience of ancestors, bringing us to be proud of the land of our birth, touching our inner strings, scaring us or making us smile on the contrary. Analyzing events of the past, we are increasing our cultural level, drawing conclusions, getting wiser and preventing ourselves from repeating mistakes.

Thanks to the efforts of activists of the National Mining University two museums appeared at its territory:

Work on the acquisition and expansion of the presented collections goes on all the time, but the museum truly revives when the visitors come. Our museums are visited by university students and guests, including prominent scientists and talented young people, famous politicians and cultural workers.



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