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International Scientific and Educational Center

The main goal of the Scientific and Educational Center (SEC) is to join R&D and educational teams which are formed on the basis of scientific schools of the NTU “Dnipro University of Technology” in the field of Earth sciences into a scientific and educational center of international level, the activity of which is aimed at integration of training highly qualified specialists and solution of fundamental and applied problems to be solved by humanity in the XXI century, such as application of raw material and energy resources of the Earth.

The SEC is created to solve the following tasks:

• to concentrate the scientific potential of the University in fundamental researches on geological structures, geo-technologies, resources and energy potentials of soils as well as environment recovery in mining areas, use and development of material and technical base of the University;

• to carry out world level scientific researches by means of involving staff of the SEC, using modern material and technical base, close cooperation with the institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) as well as other organizations and enterprises, foreign universities and scientific centers;

• to improve mechanism of implementing results of scientific researches in educational process through involving of highly-skilled specialists, forming advanced trained groups, creation individual educational programs, development of additional and postgraduate forms of education;

• to train students in course of execution the scientific plan of the SEC, to prepare highly qualified personnel, to re-train specialists basing on scientific achievements at the edge of different fields of knowledge;

• to implement the competition system for young scientists support including participation in conferences and working in research centers, to broaden information capabilities, comprehensive support of young researchers;

• to develop international science cooperation by higher educational institutions and scientific centers, industrial institutes and production enterprises in Ukraine and foreign countries, which will lead to long-term agreements;

• to create intellectual property objects and provide their commercialization and innovative implementation.

Therefore, the purpose of the SEC’s is to create fundamental principles for the functioning of balanced geotechnical systems, modern scientific, technical and organizational worldview concerning the use of raw material and energy potential of these systems, while ensuring their sustainability. 

Achieving this goal is accomplished through the fulfillment of the scientific and educational tasks of the SEC, which joints scientific schools and appropriate departments existing at the NTU “Dnipro University of Technology”.



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