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The scientific and technical library of the National Mining University was founded in 1899. Today it is one of the oldest libraries in Prydniprovyе. It is among the first category university libraries in Ukraine.

Library fund contains over one million volumes, including such unique books as “Mining Magazine” (since 1826), “Geolcom’s News” (from 1883), “Electricity” (since 1888), “Coal” (since 1925), books by George Agricola “About Metals” (1563), Isaac Newton “Philosophy of Nature” (1760), Galileo Galilee “Dialogue” (1813) etc.

The library including synopsis electronic journals subscribes more than 400 periodicals.

Annually 20,000 printed documents come into the librarian fund.
Two departments, six specialized reading-halls including an electronic one and a branch in the students’ hostel can be used. Electronic catalogue contains over 400,000 references.


Phones: +38 (0562) 47-36-07

E-mail: Nefjodova@nmu.org.ua



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