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Ukrainian-American Lyceum

The Ukrainian-American lyceum was founded by the National Mining University and the Regional Education Board in 1997. It is a state, college-preparatory, five-day educational institution.

The mission of Ukrainian-American Lyceum is to provide a superior college preparatory academic experience. The School’s activity is aimed at the further development of deep backgrounds of fundamental disciplines provided with both Ukrainian and American methods of teaching.

The School’s goal is to develop independent students who can apply their knowledge not only in Ukraine but also abroad in an increasingly mature way, accomplish international intellectual relations.

The academic curriculum provides superior training in

  • mathematics,
  • foreign languages,
  • history,
  • the natural science,
  • Russian,
  • Ukrainian

and other disciplines.

This set of subjects equips students intellectually to meet demands of a rapidly changing society. The students of the School are specializing in English language, mathematics, economics, and business disciplines. They have the opportunity to do their research work. They are trained in accordance not only with Ukrainian requirements but world standards as well. The educational process at this School is arranged in a way enabling students to extend their knowledge of subjects they are mostly interested in, master two foreign languages (English, German), put their professional and cultural outlook. The contacts with American and German educational establishments allow to introduce modern forms and methods of teaching, creatively supply the foreign experience (intensive methods of teaching, knowledge rating etc.).

According to Memorandum of Agreement the students of the School annually join programs of English as a Second Language organized by Pitzer College in Claremont, California.


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