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Institute of Power Engineering

Director of the Institute is Ivanov Alexey Borysovych, Candidate of Technical Science, professor of the Electrical Machines Department. Directions of scientific activity: research and development of electrical and automation systems.
Contacts: tel.: +38(0562) 47-36-06; +38(056) 373-07-24
E-mail: Ivanov@nmu.org.ua

Institute of Power Engineering was established in the year 2002 on the basis of the former Electrical Engineering Faculty (founded in 1962). Its activity is aimed at further improving organization of academic, educational, scientific and methodical work and research, and widening the collaboration with prominent native and foreign universities, educational institutions, industrial enterprises and electrical engineering and informational technologies entities.

The Institute includes:

Training of students and research is carried out at 9 Departments. Bachelors are taught on 14 undergraduate programs. Training of specialists and masters is made on 16 postgraduate programs.

Preparation of the researchers and teaching staff carried out by postgraduate and doctoral studies.

Basic trends of research include:

  • Electric power supply and consumption systems in the mining, metallurgical and other industries;
  • Electric drives of industrial installations and plants;
  • Electric transport systems of mines and other industrial enterprises;
  • Systems of automation and control;
  • Methods and systems of process automated control;
  • Software of automated systems and information control technologies;
  • Energy effective high capacitive electrification and automation systems for mining and other industries;
  • Methods and means of information protection.



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