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Recreation and sports camp "Girnyk"

At nearly 6 acres of unique forest area of the Orlovshchina village, Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk region, under the tall pine trees on the picturesque bank of the river Samara placed our recreation and sports camp "Girnyk"!

Every year during the hot summer our camp welcomes, heals, entertains and educates about 900 students and staff of the National Mining University.

Here, students miners take geodesic and geophysikal practice which is combined with active sports and fun pastime.

Recreation and sports camp "Girnyk" was founded in the year 1958 as training geodesic poligon. The camp has 18 capital buildings under habitation for 360 places, summer cinema, canteen for 500 seats, first-aid post with the nessessary equipment, the library, TV viewers room and so on.

Interesting fact: a single tree wasn't cut down during the construction of the "Girnyk"!

The camp works during the summer months and he had never stopped .

Recreation camp "Girnyk" it is primarily a sport organization. In has 6 sport fields, 16 training simulators, 8 boats and 3 swimming lanes.

The experienced team of teachers from the Department of Physical Culture organizes and prepares young people to participate in the intercollegiate Spartakiads between sport camps ("Girnyk" is presented by up to 150 participants).

Regularly are hold sportsmen training sessions and student competitions on different kinds of sport: carate, football, basketball, powerlifting, armsport, chess, tennis.

Children at all have no time to be board - they are actively involved in children's "Merry starts" competitions, numerousrelay races and different verse gaming activities!

Thus, at "Girnyk" give a great opportunity for boys to keep fit and for girls to preserve the beauty and shape without limiting themselves in the pleasures of summer.

Today in the camp "Girnyk" do the best to increase the number of high comfort rooms and improve living conditions of vacationers.

Our camp "Girnyk" has repeatedly won in the contests and was recognized as one of the best. Traditional entertainment: The Day of the Neptun, The Day of the Recreation Season Grand Opening (Closing), children's beauty contest "Miss Orlovshchina", a disco, cinema hall, fishing, hiking, literature readings, meetings with theatre actors, conserts, sportsmen performances, equipped beach, boat and sports equipment rental.

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