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NMU Students explore the soft drink market

The Language training center provides NMU students with high-quality and multilevel training to learn English. Specifically, teachers who are native speakers visit NMU to teach students and conduct seminars and courses.

This year, for the third time, the National Mining University has received a grant program for academic exchange through the Fulbright Program in Ukraine (Fulbright Specialist Program - Project # 5356), in which the university is hosting a leading expert from the New England Institute of Technology (USA), Professor of Business, Heidi Allen. For six weeks, she will be teaching lectures for students participating in conferences and seminars, arranging for the training of teachers and providing teaching materials.

According to Heidi, Ukrainian students differ from American students primarily in their enthusiasm and perseverance; they want to learn and are grateful for the education that they receive.

During one of the lectures students marketers have the opportunity not only to practice the English language, but also to present a marketing study on soft drinks.

According to the future marketers, it was fun to play the marketing game and develop communication skills in English while learning about marketing issues.

Heidi herself believes that the strength of her teaching is that it is very active with interesting tasks that motivate students to think, to develop, and to create.

The students and teachers learned that today, March 21, Heidi celebrates her birthday, and she was presented with a lot of surprises. To help her always remember her time in Ukraine she received Ukrainian painted souvenirs, towels, tablecloths, cake and candy. Congratulations were offered in English, Ukrainian, Russian and Georgian, and the traditional "Happy Birthday" was sung accompanied by the guitar.

Heidi was impressed and said this warm welcome will be one of her unforgettable memories of her stay in Ukraine.

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