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The International Training Course

Leading managers of the international projects and academic mobility departments of NTU “Dnipro University of Technology”, Doroshenko Lesia and Priazhnikova Kateryna, participated in the international training course within the framework of the Erasmus + project “Voluntary Youth Work Recognition for Employability”. The event took place from 17 to 25 August in Spain and brought together representatives of educational institutions and NGOs from 8 countries. The training was the third part of the project. Its purpose was to develop effective tools for recognition of youth and volunteer work by society and employers. 
Participants gained basic knowledge of the subject and were able to acquire skills through simulation models. After analyzing and evaluating the proposed tools, three major were identified (self-assessment and skills audits, certification and campaign recognition) and shared between countries. 

Our representatives received the development of self-recognition methods and skills audit acquired through non-formal education. Many students, faculty and staff are actively involved in projects and programs where they are getting practical skills, but they do not know how to summarize them properly and represent them to the administration or potential employers. This tool should help them in the analytics and presentation of the acquired knowledge. In 4 months, it will be the last event of the project, where all participants will report on the tools created and implemented in their institutions. 

Also, as a result of the training, participants gained knowledge and practical skills in the field of recognition of non-formal education and its adaptation to the educational process. The representatives of different countries exchanged experience in this area. At the end of the event further directions of international cooperation were developed. 
We thank the NGO Social and youth workers for organizing intensive and relevant training and partners for their active participation and networking!

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