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educational and qualification level «Master»:

0304 Field of knowledge: «Еntitlement»

8.03040101 specialty:: «Jurisprudence»

0305 Field of knowledge: «Economics and Business»

8.03050201 specialty: «Economical cybernetics»

8.03050401 specialty: «Business economics(by economic activities)»

8.03050701 specialty: «Marketing»

8.03050801 specialty: «Finance and Credit (the specialized program)»

8.03050901 specialty: «Accounting and audit»

0306 Field of knowledge: «Management and administration»

8.03060101 specialty: «Management and administration (by economic activities)»

8.03060102 specialty: «Innovative activity management»

8.03060104 specialty: «Management of foreign economic activity»

8.03060107 specialty: «Logistics»

0401 Field of knowledge: «Natural science»

8.04010301 specialty: «Geology»

8.04010302 specialty: «Hydrogeology»

8.04010303 specialty: «Geophysicist»

8.04010601 specialty: «Ecology and environmental protection»

0403 Field of knowledge: «System Science and Cybernetics»

8.04030301 specialty: «System analysis and control»

0501Field of knowledge: «Informatics and computer engineering»

8.05010101 specialty: «Information control systems and technologies (on branches)»

8.05010105 specialty: «Computerized ecological and economic monitoring»

8.05010201 specialty: «Computer systems and networks»

8.05010301 specialty: «Software systemsм»

0502 Field of knowledge: «Automation and control»

8.05020101 specialty: «Computerized control systems and automatics»

8.05020201 specialty: «Automated control of technological processes»

0503 Field of knowledge: «Development of mineral dug»

8.05030101 specialty: «Field development and extraction of mineral resources (according to the method of production)»

8.05030102 specialty: «Mine and underground construction»

8.05030103 specialty: «Drilling»

8.05030104 specialty: «Mine surveying»

8.05030301 specialty: «Mineral processing»

0505 Field of knowledge: «Machinery and materials»

8.05050201 specialty: «Technology of mechanical engineering»

8.05050309 specialty: «Mining machines and complexes»

0507 Field of knowledge: «Electrical engineering and electromechanics»

8.05070103 specialty: «Electrotechnical systems of power consumption (by type)»

8.05070107 specialty: «Alternative and renewable energy sources»

8.05070108 specialty: «Energy management»

8.05070204 specialty: «Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive»

8.05070205 specialty: «Electromechanical systems of geotechnical productions»

0509 Field of knowledge: «Radio engineering, radio electronic devices and communications»

8.05090302 specialty: «Telecommunication systems and networks»

0510 Field of knowledge: «Metrology, measuring equipment and information-measuring technologies»

8.05100101 specialty: «Metrology and measuring equipment»

0601 Field of knowledge: «Construction and architecture»

8.06010101 specialty: «Industrial and civil construction»

0801 Field of knowledge: «Geodesy and land management»                   

8.08010105 specialty: «Geoinformation systems and technologies»

1701Field of knowledge: «Information security»

8.17010101 specialty: «Security of information and communication systems»

8.17010201 specialty: «System of technical protection of information, automation of its processing»

8.17010301 specialty: «Information security management»

1801 Field of knowledge: «Specific categories»

8.18010012 specialty: «Management of innovative activity»

8.18010013 specialty: «Project management»

8.18010017 specialty: «Environmental Economics and natural resources»

8.18010018 specialty: «Administrative management»

8.18010021 specialty: «Pedagogics of higher school»



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